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Latest Project: 'When i see you' - CRAYE

Release: Single - 06.04.2019

About SLVN

Silvan is an musician, music producer and mixing engineer basedin Cologne (GER). His work is inspired by a wide range of genres like Jazz, Pop, Rock and urban music. He has worked with Artists Like Craye, CBUS, MANUTA and others.


Collaborating with artists & labels

I’m always interested in collaborations with record labels, signed and independent artists. My biggest goal is to capture the aura of a song and the personality of the performer – weather i’m writing, produce, mix or master a song.

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Recent music

You need help with producing and mixing your own songs?

I teach you how to record, mix and master your music in private lessons – done in english or german language. Meet me at my studio or connect with me via online live stream.


Silvan Radeloff

Mail: silvan@southproductions.de

Phone: +49 221 25977365


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I like to share my craft and get you in touch with modern music production. Watch me @ work on BASART.TV