Music Producer & Mixing Engineer

Latest release: Careless – Reevkin | Credit: Producer & Mixing Engineer


Silvan is an musician, music producer and mixing engineer based in Cologne (GER). His music is inspired by a wide range of genres like Jazz, Pop, Rock and Urban Music. He has worked with Artists Like CRAYE, CBUS, MANUTA and Reevkin. Currently he is also running the music production company South Productions.


Working with artists and producers

“My biggest goal is to capture the aura of a song and the personality of the performer – weather I write, produce, mix or master a song.” 

I offer songwriting, producing, mixing and music mastering – if you’re interested in one of my services leave me a message in the contact form below.



Silvan Radeloff

Mail: silvan@southproductions.de

Phone: +49 221 25977365